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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Confederate Dinosaurs - 2020/06/11

I'll admit...

When I was a little kid, I thought the south should have won.
But I based it on absolutely NO political or human rights knowledge.
I just thought "rebels are cool" (I was 8-10ish).
I liked my little books about Robert E. Lee and how he was painted as a hero, etc.

But then I lost interest in the Civil War
(like previous favorite subjects before it, such dinosaurs).

When I got back to it, I didn't much like these Rebels...
They were defending the idea of owning another human being!

I feel like people who support the Confederacy are still enamored
with the idea of being a "rebel" and the love of "freedom,"
but what they fail to understand is, the Confederacy wasn't about freedom.
It was about the exact opposite. And just like dinosaurs,
this idea that it was anything more than a cover and propaganda
so the rich could stay richer on the backs of black slaves needs to go extinct.
The Confederacy sucks.
And if you support the Confederacy YOU suck.

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