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Friday, June 5, 2020

PAST POST: Mean streets of Canton - 2013/11/13

Canton: Beware, there are morons on the streets tonight. I was nearly run off the road by some clown in a tan/white four door sedan. I didn't catch the plates. :( It happened RIGHT BEHIND A COP. The cop STOPPED at 6th and Market at a GREEN LIGHT! I had to swerve to the right to avoid getting creamed (if I had braked it would have been disastrous). The car (the one I was driving) hit the curb and about 19th and Market the tire started to give out so we had to turn off to change it.

So be careful one and all and I love you.

Related post by Friend 1:
I changed a tire and peed on a building tonight. What up, bitches!!!

Friend 1's Friend: Lmmffao!!!!

Me: We were on the way to get her to her ride to the meeting ironically.

Friend 2: lmao

Friend 1: (Name), get a better grade.

Friend 3: At a loss...

Friend 4: You tire changing, building pisser! lol

Friend 5: (Friend 3), we appear to be having your luck tonight. Hope your evening is going well!

Friend 6: at the same time?

Friend 4: (Friend 1), your post made me remember something from my past that I hadn't thought of in a LONG time. lol. Read my status.

Friend 3: You don't want all of my luck... 2 flat tires at once. But I'm relieved none of you are injured!

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