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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Black God -- Dragon's Bane Series: Book 3 by Azriel Johnson

$20.00 USD
(plus Free PDF)
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
    JR Gerstung travels, triumphant, from Sunset Red intending to introduce his mother to his
girlfriend and fellow soldier, Rebecca Kingsley.

    On the way, a tragedy strikes the Human race and JR and Rebecca have to combat the after

    The Black God, Muerthegos, feeds on Pain and Death and is launching a plot to acquire
immense power.  He needs one component to complete the plot and he needs JR to obtain it.

About the author: 
Azriel Johnson writes the prophecy
of the Dragon’s Bane Universe,
in addition to other stories. 
He is still cautiously optimistic
about the trajectory of the Human race,
but isn’t exactly opposed to the idea
of Dragons trying to take over.