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Thursday, May 11, 2017

No Shame by Azriel Johnson

Don’t be shamed by terms like twig –
twigs are pieces of trees –
like mighty oaks standing
as guardians of the souls of mankind.
You can make my heart pound
through my skeleton
like Atalanta running a marathon.

Like majestic eagle women
soaring like thunderbirds –
rising from the ashes
of those who have tried
to burn them down –
casting shadows on lesser men
afraid of the matriarchy
shattering their precious egos.

Don’t be shamed by terms like thunder thighs –
cause those that use it with derision
forget that the seasons are punctuated
by forces of nature’s mating calls –
like powerful bison roll across the prairie –
like Paul Bunyan’s ox –
Babe I lose my breath
and turn blue without you.

Like fertility goddess totems
from the cradle of society –
descended to Victorian ages
of wide hips singing all the men’s ships –
standards of beauty shift –
like earth mother’s flesh
wrapping folds of herself
causing rocky erections
lasting billions of years.

Don’t be shamed by femininity.
Two souled people have been revered
by our ancestors since the dawn of cognition.
You are true healers
because you can understand all aspects of humanity,
because you ARE all aspects of humanity.
You have the force of Scylla and Charybdis
as you tear apart normalcy
and devour every scrap of life you can.

Your transition is one of reality –
mythological in proportion –
our shamanic journeys lead
through your example of perseverance
and distortion of normal to find the truth.

Don’t be shamed by terms like bitch.
That just means you’re standing up for yourself.
Like slut, that just means you’re bold in seeking your desires –
like cunt the holiest of holes,
armor, sheath, protector, essence and life bringer.
And for Aphrodite’s sake –
never –
ever –
be shamed by the term…

Azriel Johnson is an inkspatter analyst by day, a serial writer by knight, curator of amazing poetry for Writing Knights Press and always looking for new experiences. He can be contacted personally at