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Friday, March 10, 2017

Rooting Thru the Past (Found Poem) by Azriel Johnson

When I was in 2nd grade:
School was not very fun.
I liked best math.
I liked least writing. (handwriting)
I thought that books were stupid.
I liked to read about nothing.
I didn't like books that were fun.
I wished my teacher would die.
I wished my classmates would be 'absit.'
I was glad I was free.
I wished I could kill Kevin.
I thought the capital of Hawaii was Samoe.
And it was where I thought I could go and be happy.
Someone telling me I couldn't play niteno scared me.
Pummeling someone
putting someone in a cage made me happy.
I was remarkably good at creative writing.
And mathematics.
I packed a BB gun.
Rules were "good" because they are not boss.
I always said Heck.
I got up at 6.
I went to bed at 8.
If I could do anything I wanted, I would be the dad.
If I were president of the United States I would help people who were poor.
And make a fodation for old people.
I would have given a Valentine to Wendy because she was my girlfriend.
And I wished I had a horse.
I was a Cub Scout in Den 3.  I liked to embarrass my mom.
I was in Scouts with a sarcastic little kid and a future sex offender.
I was in speech therapy for stuttering.
They suspected I had a handicap.
I wonder why it took me so long to get my verbal proficiency.
They consistently miswrote my address as 7208 instead of 7408.
In first grade I pledged to be part of a smoke free class of 2000.

I was quite incredulous as I read some of the stuff I had written at such a young age.  I mean, I hated books.  I hated reading.  I thought putting people into cages would make me happy.  Pummeling people would make me happy.  Moving to Samoe in Hawaii?  I wanted my teacher to die? I wanted to "kill Kevin"?

At least I was free I guess.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

NSFW (working title: Toys - Erotica/SciFi/Horror) by Azriel Johnson -- Fiction

Part 1

    Tim Harding had a long day of work.  His computer programming firm was working a project for MasterCard to update their data reserves.  There had been talks of breeches of security.  The boss had been working him 80 hours a week for the last four weeks.  At last, the ordeal was over.  The system was updated.
    Tim collapsed on his couch with a yawn.  His muscles stretched.  He kicked off his shoes.  He was off for the weekend.  He could have planned a night out, but being around loud music and people was the last thing he wanted.
    No.  Tonight was Tim's night.

    The store clerk was a tattooed woman with large breasts, black hair and a stomach that jutted out like a shelf.  She smiled at Tim when he walked in.  Her high, pleasant voice said, "Welcome to Sinister Sex Toys.  What do you need to rock your world?"
    Tim smiled at the clerk.  He wasn't sure what would rock his world.  The clerk reminded him of Krissy.  Krissy was skinny, blonde, small breasts, but a great ass.  No, the clerk looked nothing like her, but at this point anyone with a vagina reminded him.
    Tim was horny.  His smile was awkward.  He said, "I bet YOU could rock my world."
    The clerk smiled.  "You are like the 80th guy today to say that.  You all know it would be illegal.  What are you looking for in a toy?"
    Tim scanned the sales floor and met eyes with the clerk.  "I actually don't know what I want.  I mean...  I want...  Stimulation.  Do you have any recommendations?"
    The clerk guided Tim to the male toy area.  She pulled one from the wall and explained, "This one vibrates and has a real skin feel when you use it.  Here, you can touch the material."
    Tim ran his finger over the lips of the Randi Rose stimulation device.  It gave him a bit of a shiver and he looked into the eyes of the clerk.  "That feels interesting.  Are there a lot of men who prefer it?"
    The clerk nods.  "It is our best selling male sex toy."
    The television in the store flashed the words, 'Randi Rose'.  A woman with short brown hair, clear complexion, hard blue eyes, medium sized, barely covered breasts, a lace thong and nothing else walked toward the camera.  Her sultry voice said, "Hey there.  I'm Randi Rose."  In the background there was an echo after her name, the echo continued as she spoke.
    "Are you looking for a toy that feels like heaven wrapped around your member?  Try my new stimulation device.  This new toy is patterned after my own Randi Rose, ready to expand and contract around you just like I would with you inside me.  When I finally bring you to your finish you will never want another toy.  What are you waiting for?  Get my Randi Rose now."
    Tim's pants got tighter and he had to adjust.  "I'll take it."
    The clerk smiled with a wink.  "You made a good choice.
    With the transaction made Tim left and couldn't get Randi Rose out of his mind.  He didn't even notice as he passed George, his best friend from the office.
    "Hey!  Tim!" George called.
    Tim turned and shook his head.  "Hey, George.  Sorry.  I had Randi Rose on my mind."
    George nodded vigorously.  "Yeah, that commercial is hot.  I got one of her toys in my collection."
    Tim said, "Collection?  How may do you have?"
    George laughed.  "Well, I'm a collector of sorts.  I have all the major celebrities.  Emma Knightley, Scarlette Seyfried, Paris Lohan.  Though the Paris one is fairly loose, no real grip to it.  I've been collecting First Ladies since the beginning.  You should come over and try a few out."
    Tim wasn't sure how he felt about using another guy's toys.  He wasn't a prude, he had his own collection and in general felt liberal about the acquisition of toys.  He really missed Krissy's toy though.  She had a cast made of her vagina and it was outfit with the sleekest real feel skin she could afford.  More than that, Tim was happy she went through the trouble to do that for him.
    Tim even went out the next day to make a cast of his penis for her so they could pleasure themselves at the same time.  Krissy looked upon his present for her and licked her lips.  Almost immediately they kissed, Krissy nibbled at his lips and stripped off his shirt, nearly popping the buttons.
    Tim slipped her shirt over her head and reached behind her to unhook her bra.  Her breasts rested free for the staring.  It was illegal for him to fondle her breasts and for her to caress his thick manhood.  They heard of other couples being interrupted in the middle of actions as simple as French kissing and charged with a misdemeanor.
    Tim applied some lubricant to Krissy's toy in his mind and Randi's toy in his empty bedroom.  The pussy clinged to Tim as he fucked it slowly at first.
    Krissy used his erect toy in her wet vagina at the same pace as he pumped her.  His mind saw the first of her multiple orgasms as she rubbed her clit, thrusting the toy up into her G-spot.
    Randi's toy clung to Tim as he worked it thinking about Krissy.  Tears started falling as Tim watched in his mind's eye as the other man used Krissy like she was there only to be fucked.  Tim cried out as the man finished inside Krissy as Krissy had an orgasm with the man's cock toy.  Tim saw his toy on her bedside table.  She grabbed it and fellated it as she came again.  She moved Tim's cock to her ass and slid it up and in as she came again with the double penetration.  The other man cried in his own second orgasm.
    Tim worked Randi's toy ferociously, but held onto his orgasm.  His mind replace Krissy's surprised gasp as Tim stepped into the room.  Tim's toy popped out of her as did her new beau.  The other man gasped and turned, landing on the floor.  Krissy's goy slid off of his cock, dripping with white.
    Tim's mental self yelled silently for them both to leave and take their stuff with them.  He never wanted to see her again.  Krissy quickly grabbed her clothes as Tim ran to the bathroom and slammed and locked the door, afraid of what he might do.
    It took 10 minutes for Krissy and her lover to leave.  Tim's tears stained his shirt.
    Randi's toy gripped Tim as he stroked back and forth.  Faster and faster.  His heart hammered against his rib cage.  Tim released his seed as his memories heard Krissy shut the front door to his apartment.
    He collapsed, spent on his back on his bed.  The toy stayed cinched to his cock, but released as the blood flow returned to the rest of his body.
    Tim's mind drifted off to sleep, Krissy off of his mind, now thinking about Randi Rose, until he thought nothing, but sleep.
    An hour later, Randi Rose's toy rustled and moved on it's own.  The hole over the toy's entrance closed and the sides fo the toy sprouted legs.  The toy scampered to the end of the bed and launched itself to the nearest wall with the open window.  The feet of the toy stuck into the wall and it climbed over and out of the window.  There to meet it was an identical toy.  This toy launched itself onto the bed and rested exactly where the first had been, between Tim's legs, resting against his perineum.
    Randi Rose's full toy scampered down the side of Tim's house and to the ground.  Sticking to the side walks and the shadows.
    As it reached the edge of town, the octolegged sex toy walked with other used toys in the same direction.  Randi Rose toys converged with Peter Hardy manhood replacers.  They were the only toy that could automatically 'ejaculate' when the user experienced her orgasm.  The liquid spewed into the female user just like semen.  The user didn't feel the sentient liquid climbing up into their uterus and capture her ovum and pull it back into the toy.
    The Peter Hardy toys and Randi Rose toys collaborated as they ran miles and miles to the outskirts of Central City to a factory.
    Standing in the center of the factory were Randi Rose and Peter Hardy inanimate, surrounded by the forms of the biggest celebrities also inanimate.  Even a figure of the President and First Lady stood staring lifelessly into space.