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Friday, March 10, 2017

Rooting Thru the Past (Found Poem) by Azriel Johnson

When I was in 2nd grade:
School was not very fun.
I liked best math.
I liked least writing. (handwriting)
I thought that books were stupid.
I liked to read about nothing.
I didn't like books that were fun.
I wished my teacher would die.
I wished my classmates would be 'absit.'
I was glad I was free.
I wished I could kill Kevin.
I thought the capital of Hawaii was Samoe.
And it was where I thought I could go and be happy.
Someone telling me I couldn't play niteno scared me.
Pummeling someone
putting someone in a cage made me happy.
I was remarkably good at creative writing.
And mathematics.
I packed a BB gun.
Rules were "good" because they are not boss.
I always said Heck.
I got up at 6.
I went to bed at 8.
If I could do anything I wanted, I would be the dad.
If I were president of the United States I would help people who were poor.
And make a fodation for old people.
I would have given a Valentine to Wendy because she was my girlfriend.
And I wished I had a horse.
I was a Cub Scout in Den 3.  I liked to embarrass my mom.
I was in Scouts with a sarcastic little kid and a future sex offender.
I was in speech therapy for stuttering.
They suspected I had a handicap.
I wonder why it took me so long to get my verbal proficiency.
They consistently miswrote my address as 7208 instead of 7408.
In first grade I pledged to be part of a smoke free class of 2000.

I was quite incredulous as I read some of the stuff I had written at such a young age.  I mean, I hated books.  I hated reading.  I thought putting people into cages would make me happy.  Pummeling people would make me happy.  Moving to Samoe in Hawaii?  I wanted my teacher to die? I wanted to "kill Kevin"?

At least I was free I guess.


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