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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Writing Knights Invades Deep Cleveland (July 13, 2012)

Friday the 13th did nothing to hamper the luck of Writing Knights Press as they forcibly invaded Deep Cleveland poetry, hosted by Josh Gage.

The show started off as normal as usual with Gage wearing his purple bathrobe, but when he announced that his original feature had canceled a rousing call of "Writing Knights!" rose from the crowd, Azriel Johnson and Marissa Hyde attacked and pummeled him senseless in the name of poetry.

Okay, so that was an embellishment. But this was a Grand Tournament build up show with three of the five finalists present.

What really happened was Writing Knights knocked the crowd out of the park with such varying styles they had no idea what would come next.

Azriel began by announcing the first of the finalists, Kathleen Gallagher who showed the attending finalists exactly what she was capable of with an impromptu poem.

The features began with Mistress Rosie taking control of the stage and giving Azriel the death glare when he asked her to depart before her signature piece. (Hey, we were on a time crunch)

Marc Mannheimer brought his slow and drawling style to the stage much to the pleasure of the crowd. He went on to introduce Andrew Line, one of the qualifiers to the Grand Tournament performance round.

Andrew Line further impressed the crowd and his potential competition with a short set. Andrew then introduced Steve Brightman.

Steve, a long time Writing Knights Press favorite continued in his consistency with his set that was to the point. He announce another finalist (who was unable to make it), Kevin Frederick Smith. Steve then introduced John Burroughs.

John brought the crowd everything promised to old favorites and new and at the end of his set he announced the fourth finalist, Dennis Shanaberg (who was also unable to make it).

This called to the open mic portion of the night where many great poets shared their work, especially a rousing performance by Vladimir Swirynski on his latest book about a Vietnam war veteran.

After the open mic, Writing Knights resumed with Marissa Hyde sharing some old powerhouse pieces as well as some previously unheard but impressive works.

Finally Marissa introduced Azriel Johnson, the original Writing Knight and according to some of the crowd, the pieces he shared literally blew them away. He shared some dark and twisted pieces as well as a piece about his time being homeless. After his set he announce the fifth finalist to the Grand Tournament performance round, Skylark Bruce.

All in all, the night was a successful step towards the upcoming Grand Tournament!

WK Pressman