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Sunday, June 14, 2020

PAST POST: Influx of Friends

*NOTE* This post was made in conjunction with two other posts about absorbing my two additional Facebook accounts into my personal Azriel Johnson account. The other two posts didn't have much worth commemorating, but this one had a little.*

POST: By the end of this influx, I should have about 1,000 friends. Not sure how I feel about that.

Friend 1: I am maxed out at 340 and I don’t know how I feel about that.
          Me: This is a first world scary feeling because all of my "normie" friends are going to see the kind of "effed up" stuff I post on the regular.
          Friend 1: I either don’t have those friends or don’t care what people see me say. 95% of people on here have no real intimate connection to me or have any influence in my life, thus what they think of my words is irrelevant. Lol
          Me: that's fair. the people i have here (and intend to add) are interesting to me, whether they have influence over my life is to be determined.
          Friend 1: Azriel Johnson I see. I don’t know why people request me. I’m nothing to worry about.
          Me: I like you. even if I don't talk to you all the time. :)
          Friend 1: thanks. That’s kind. I am pretty much a just a person who creates art and poetry, but has little desire to be in the public eye or leave my home for any reason.
          Me: that's also fair. you have to take care of yourself, if being in public doesn't serve your best interests, it's best to stay hidden.
          Friend 1: Yea it doesn’t help me on the notoriety front as an artist or poet but it is more comfortable.

Friend 2: THat's almost half what my girlfriend has.

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