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Thursday, May 21, 2020

PAST POST: What are you Passionate about? 19/05/21

Question: What are you passionate about? What emotions does that make you feel? Be specific.

Friend 1: I am passionate about cooking! I feel liberated and free when I cook because I cook for those I love!

Friend 2: I am passionate about photography. I feel relaxed and grounded when I’m looking through the lens of my camera.

Person: I haven't found one yet
          Me: sorry for your husband.
          Person: Well he does make me happy but i mean lie doing something that makes me happy i havent found one yet

Friend 3: I'm passionate about myth and lore. Looking into what makes a legend what it is, however commercial and fictional that lore may be.
          Me: If you think about it, the myths and lore that survive only survive because they have good marketing.

Friend 4: Writing - it makes me feel fulfilled, it feels like the culmination of my life's experience and effort. My personal relationships - they are literally the only thing that makes life worth living, that motivates me to continue not dying. Protecting the people I love - it's a raw, fierce instinct that just takes me over, and is probably the most stereotypically masculine thing about my personality.

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