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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

PAST POST: Surprise Cat 19/04/21

POST: So... surprise cat this morning when I got home. They are lovely. I wasn't comfortable looking up their dress to determine genitals and they were too afraid to show off.

(I have more photos, but I need to find them)
ME: I know it looks like I am strangling the kitty, but they were purring. i needed multiple shots because the phone camera wasnt cooperating or the cat wasnt.

Friend 1: Kitty!

Friend 2: Cats...cooperating....? Hahahahahaha!
          Friend 3: Yes...I’m a cat person and can attest to the fact that “cooperating” is not a word that’s in the kitty dictionary.
          Me: i had to distract surprise cat with tapping for the third pic

Friend 4: Unless “they” are a genetic anomaly, they are a she. Almost all torties (tortoise shell cats) are females. I’m glad she’s found a friend!
          Me: she found her friends back outside. i started reacting allergicly almost immediately. :(
          Me: kitty DID feel female even without checking definitively
          Friend 4: Does she have a home? Where did she come from?
          Me: i remember seeing her outside. she probably isnt feral, she was afraid of me, but didnt fight too hard when i finally got a hold of her.
          Friend 4: she isn’t feral if you can get a hold of her.
          Friend 5: Our neighborhood has dozens of community cats that rarely stay put for a head pat but aren’t feral either.
          Person: If i was aloud i would come pick her up but after we had to give up our last 2 we dont want anymore atm

Friend 6: Torties are girls. Like my Sophy. (photo included in original post, Tortie cat)

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