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Friday, October 13, 2017

Vile Enos - Chapter 5 by Azriel Johnson

    She sat up and spun around.  “I hate when you answer my questions with a question.”
    Her fierce blue eyes were visible even in the grey of the prison walls.  Her hair was cut short, I wasn’t used to the perfection of her neck, though I certainly had experience with it in the past.  Last I saw, her brown hair flowed over her shoulders in waves.
    Proto Prophet: We need to be moving.
    I raised my hand in acknowledgement.  “Alex!”

    He rushed quickly to me.  “Break these bars please.  We have to get going.”
    Alex grabbed the bars on her cell and tore the door off the hinges.  “Okay, now run along with Mister Prophet.  I’ll be along soon.”
    “Yes, master.”
    I held out my hand.  “Let’s talk about this later.  We have to get out of here.  The army is coming and no doubt some super heroes are on their way as well.”
    She took my hand and we ran out quickly.  We made our way back to the men’s ward and out into the yard.
    In our way to freedom stood three heroes.  Barry Cade, a man with impervious skin.  Falcona, a woman who flew faster than the speed of sound when unencumbered.  She had Flat Hat subdued in her clawed hands.  Their leader was a mental powered strong man, Torsion.  He was named such because he was famous for twisting people physically and mentally.
    HotFoot ran at the three and crashed into Barry Cade.  Barry Cade was thrown back into one of the fences, but he got up right away.  HotFoot lay unconscious on the ground.
    Falcona rose into the air.  Flat Hat struggled in pain as his shoulders were the point where his body weight was being drawn away.
    Torsion stepped forward.  “Give it up, Enos.  Your escape is over.”
    My teeth bared.  “You’re wrong, Torsion.  It is only just beginning.”
    The Brobdingnagian rumbled towards Torsion.  The fight was short, but in Torsion’s favor as he threw Brobby into a pile with HotFoot.
    Falcona dropped a helmet-less Flat Hat to the ground on the same pile.
    “Three of your goons down.  Three to go.”  Torsion was feeling smug.
    “Goons?  Really?  You can do better than that.”  I enjoy taunting stupid people.
    Barry Cade started twitching and then attacked Torsion.  I saw Proto Prophet concentrating hard.  Barry wasn’t super strong, but he was impervious to any of Torsion’s physical attacks.  At last, Falcona screeched and grabbed Barry flying him away from the battle.  Proto Prophet smiled.
    “Just you now, Torsion.  Care to concede?” I asked.
    “I think not.”
    Torsion attacked us.  He was slower than me and just as susceptible to pressure points as anyone.  He must have read my intentions, so he stepped back mid attack.
    “You’re not going to get me with your sneaky attacks.”
    “What’s so sneaky about debilitating nerve attacks?”
    “Fight like a man!”

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