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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Vile Enos - Chapter 6 by Azriel Johnson

    I pressed the fight.  My fists were faster than his and I fought with instinct which allowed me an advantage over his mental powers.  But for every three hits I delivered he hit me hard once and I knew I could only suffer so many punches before I would be laying in the pile with Brobby, HotFoot and Flat Hat.
    I jabbed Torsion in the eye and kicked him in the testicles.
    “Dirty – fighter!” Torsion bent over and I kicked him in the face.

    He staggered back.  He recovered quickly and clobbered me with three punches and a kick.  It would take a minute for me to recover.
    Alex blinked at me.  I said, “Go ahead.  Take it easy on him.”
    Torsion wasn’t sure what to make of the 12 year old standing in front of him.  Alex’s first punch sent the hero flying through the barbed wire of the closest 50 foot fence.  The hero landed in pain and writhed against the barbs stuck in his skin.  He sat up and pulled the metal from his skin.  He growled and ran back at Alex.  The boy blocked Torsion’s punches easily and punched him again this time through the fence.
    Torsion rose and ran at Alex again.  He grabbed Alex by the neck and squeezed.  He tried to twist Alex’s neck, but nothing happened.  Alex grabbed the heroes’ hands and bent them outward then shifted his body weight in a half circle, throwing Torsion through the concrete walls of the men’s ward.
    Screaming from the sky came Barry Cade landing directly on Alex with a loud boom.
    Falcona landed and took a fighting stance.  Barry stood and brushed himself off.  Alex laid winded, but alright in general.  Torsion stepped out of the rubble.
    Proto Prophet: Want me to handle this?
    I looked at him and was about to nod when I felt her touch on my shoulder.
    “Let me get this.  It’s been a while since I’ve used my power.”
    She first focused on Falcona who stopped suddenly.  Barry Cade was next knocked into a stupor.  Torsion was harder, but he too fell to standing mouth agape.
    “Now, you three, take care of the special forces approaching us while we leave.”
    “Yes.”  The three heroes turned away from us.  Falcona grabbed Barry and Torsion and flew over the fences towards the oncoming military.
    I grabbed Alex by the shirt, pulled him to his feet, and then dusted him off.
    “You did well boy.”
    The Brobdingnagian shook himself awake.  He grabbed Flat Hat and HotFoot and put them over his shoulder.  Proto Prophet grabbed Flat Hat’s helmet and I took her hand.
    She half smiled at me.  “I hate you.  Do you mind me trying to kill you later?”
    “What makes you think you will do any better than any of the legion who have already tried?”
    “There you go again.”
    I kissed her lightly on the lips and pulled her along with me.
    “Let’s go everyone!”  I took off towards the sandy wilderness that surrounded us.
    Proto Prophet: She certainly lives up to her name, eh?
    “Yes she does.”

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