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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Vile Enos - Chapter 4 by Azriel Johnson

    The siren was accompanied by the shouts of guards, the rustling of guns, and orders being barked.  None of us moved from the yard despite those orders.  Some of the guards tried to force us into the compound, but we resisted.  Well, mostly the physically stronger prisoners resisted. 
The Brobdingnagian broke HotFoot free of his binds and the speedster set off to find Flat Hat’s helmet.
    Proto Prophet used his telekinetic powers to knock the guards backwards.

    I ran towards the sound of breaking metal.  The fences were torn down one by one as I saw my slave, Alex Otic, walking towards me.  Bullets bounced off of his olive skin as the guards opened fire.  His skinny frame didn’t feel much of anything as he ripped through the final fence.  The physically weaker villains started rushing out of the path he carved.
    “I’m here, fath – I mean – master.”  His almond eyes blinked as I ruffled his shaggy hair.
    Proto Prophet thought to me, Are you ready to get her?
    I looked at him and nodded. I told Alex to head toward the compound, avoid doors, break through walls instead and Proto Prophet would tell him where to go.
    I followed the wake of my son – I mean my slave – as he headed toward my final target.  The Brobdingnagian accompanied Proto Prophet and myself tossing guards left and right.  I felt the breeze of HotFoot blow past us no doubt carrying Flat Hat’s helmet.
    We reached the women’s part of the prison.  Alex punched open the wall and we made our way through.  There were fewer guards here and most of them were female.  The Brobdingnagian has a soft spot for pretty girls so Proto Prophet took the lead on incapacitating them.  No lives were lost, but no doubt years of therapy would be necessary.
    The final wall was demolished and we were in the general population of female villains.
    Everyone had been locked down due to the commotion we were making on the other side of the prison.  The last few guards were taken down and Proto Prophet pointed to her cell.
    “Release everyone and tell them where we are meeting,” I said to my companions.  “I will need a moment to convince her she should come with us.”
    The commotion in the women’s ward rang, it hurt my ears.  I reached her cell and she lay flat on her back, arms behind her head, jumpsuited legs crossed.  She was faced away from me.
    “So you remembered me huh?”  Her voice was melodic, hypnotic.
    “Of course.  How could I forget you?”
    “Well, you never visited me.  Not once.  No letters.  You wouldn’t accept my calls.”
    “I am an international fugitive, if they had caught wind of my contacting you they would have found me before I wanted to be found.”
    “You abandoned me.”
    “Never!  That’s why I’m here!  I’m here to get you out so we can do what we were meant to.”
    “What is that pray tell?”
    “To destroy the world as they know it.”
    “What purpose can I serve for you?”
    “Does it matter if you are free?”

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