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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

When an Orc Loves a Woman small excerpts

“Is your displeasure something I can help with?” Crag asked. “I can be persuasive.” He smiled a scary grin which shifted Niya from one leg to the other.

“Naw,” the girl said. “It’s just my boyfriend being himself.” She sighed.

“I’m not sure what type of an elf is a ‘hims’ elf, but I’ve never trusted their kind.”

-- When an Orc Loves a Woman, Chapter 15


From "When an Orc Loves a Woman" About an hour went by. Niya reached the end of the cornrows for Crag’s hair. She tied off every strand and bound them in small circles of what smelled like the bouncewood tree in Torxania. Nonlethal weapons were made for training from this tree. Hence, it was called bouncewood because it bounced off of the young orcs instead of killing them.

A little later in the same chapter:

A small scuffle could be heard from the door. The smack of a punch and the crash of a chair. Nick burst into the bedroom doorway. His skin resembled Crag’s shade of brown, but his limbs were much smaller and he was a head shorter. His flat top had a notch cut into it, kind of a throwback to an earlier decade that worked on him, at least in Niya’s eyes. She was the one who did his hair.

“What the hell?!” Nick exclaimed his question. He looked Crag up and down and took a step forward, raising his fists. “Who is this mother–”

Crag’s massive hand was wider than Nick’s face. He didn’t strike Nick, rather used his hand to push Nick backwards out the door and into the wall on the other side of the hallway. Crag guided Niya behind him as Nick stood up shakily.

“Who is this guy, with the jacked up grill?” Nick said from the relative safety of outside the bedroom door.

“I am Crag, of the…, Crag Rockshadow, you have been broken up with. I suggest you leave before that bit artistic language turns into your bones.”

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