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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Writing -- Spam Cento #3

Writing, about last night
This year I resolve to....
Save on Winter Survival Needs

Bookshelves looking a little bare?
Writing, holiday tip: Find great last-minute gifts
The Shipping's On Us
Cyber Week is here Give The Gift They Really Want...
Gipsy A. wants some INTIMATE CONTACT

LOVE and PASSION are all what Lissie W. needs,
Writing, please accept my invitation to AngelList
Time to say ...
NAUGHTY Devin B. and her DIRTY friends are waiting for
Cool ways to say I love you

Writing, grab your tickets to the galaxy today
Writing, your guide to the Globes
Space Time Continuum

Re : Hello i am waiting for your response
Writing, who'll take the title on Sunday?

I have a confession
Writing, you just scored!
Regarding Your Artwork
Stranger things happen at midnight

If you've gotten some interesting titled Spam emails, forward them to (take off "FWD:" first) and maybe they'll end up in a future Spam Cento.
If you have a Spam Cento you'd like to submit, send it to Subject line: "Spam Cento"

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