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Thursday, February 23, 2017

% data remaining -- Spam Cento #4

10 days to go, and I'm still nervous
Just getting started
You have 50% data remaining.
72 hours to make your impact!
It doesn't show signs of stopping ❄️

Some good news:
Love is a renewable resource
You have 25% data remaining.
It's 80 degrees somewhere…
Resistance everywhere

Before the debate:
Do something this holiday your child will never forget
You have 10% data remaining.
Persistence pays off
A victory for refugees!

This is your captain speaking…
No matter what
You have 9% data remaining.
How to strengthen our spirits to resist and thrive:
Celebrate Presidents' Day with a sale
Thank you for ordering.

Scott Pruitt confirmed -- next steps:
You have 5% overage data remaining.
Only Hours Remain
There's still time to make a difference

Stop the stress cycle
Check out this new tool for you
Take it from Exxon
Please help families like mine
You have 0% data remaining.
Access Denied ⛔️

If you've gotten some interesting titled Spam emails, forward them to (take off "FWD:" first) and maybe they'll end up in a
future Spam Cento.
If you have a Spam Cento you'd like to submit, send it to Subject line: "Spam Cento"

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