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Monday, February 20, 2017

If you died tomorrow... -- Spam Cento #1

If you died tomorrow...
I want to try something different
Try Bye Bye Foundation with this special offer!
Lose 17 in 1 Month with this easy trick
This is More Effective then Viagra
You Really Can Crack the Lotto Code!
We Have an Important Message For You
Needed: 23 Positions available working from home
Breakfast Embeded
Jonathan, between episodes III and IV...
I am waiting for u..
Are you really interest?????
Socks That Keep You Warm All Winter Long
Amazon has a Surprise forYou!

If you died tomorrow...
Do you want meet today----
Horny Girl has shared a file with you
Husband's permission
No matter who wins, you LOSE - The economy is failing FAST
SORRY [ Jonathan ] - We made a mistake. Use this approval ✓
Meet Singles Now!!!
R u Free Today?
I'm waiting for you...
Its Mary Givens
YES, You've been selected!
Christmas Bonus! Congratulations
bad night Partner
R'U real?

If you died tomorrow...
Get back to me ASAP
I’m waiting for u....
You should try it!

If you've gotten some interesting titled Spam emails, forward them to (take off "FWD:" first) and maybe they'll end up in a future Spam Cento.

If you have a Spam Cento you'd like to submit, send it to Subject line: "Spam Cento"

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