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Friday, May 27, 2016

Road to Rustbelt Tour 2016***Update***

I, Azriel Johnson and Skylark Bruce are taking to the road on their way to the Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam. From May 28-June 2 we will be featuring or spotlighting at various locations in Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan and Windsor, Ontario.

Here is the full list of shows:

May 28 … Tap Room … 8p
In coordination with
201 W. Michigan Ave Ypsilanti, MI
May 29 … The Drunken Retort … 9p
As Spotlight Artists
4256 Woodward Ave Detroit Mi
 May 31 … Phog Lounge … 8p
With Bryan Calvert and Gwen Bailey
157 University Ave W. Windsor, ON
June 1 … Delightful Art with Dee … 7p
 $2 Suggested Donation
With Kerry Trautman and Lorraine Cipriano
137 N Michigan Street, Toledo, OH

 June 2 … UU Fellowship … 7p
With Jacob King and Carla Thompson
***875 W Market St. Lima, OH***
The address on the flyer is incorrect

We will have books for sale to keep us on the road ranging from $6 to $20 and if you have a show (or just a get together since it is Memorial Day) in the area May 30th we would love to attend. You can contact us at

Join us on the Road to Rustbelt!
PS-This week we'll have the shows from last year's Road to Rustbelt Tour posted on the blog and linked to social media.

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