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Monday, October 9, 2017

Vile Enos - Chapter 1 by Azriel Johnson

           The prison I’m in now is nothing compared to the wide open prison you all live in every day of your lives.  They think these walls will contain me.  I’ll be here long after they have crumbled to dust.  The bars will collapse and be melted by the ever scorching sun. 
           They don’t know I’ve been around for 300 years.  My current identification is forged and forged well.  They keep trying to incarcerate me, but I keep getting out… eventually.
            I’m not something as cliché as a vampire.  My power comes from an elixir I drank as a young man.  A potion I thought would keep me looking younger, being stronger.  I didn’t think of the consequences.  I was more concerned about my next barmaid conquest.
            The chains on my wrists are cold.  I can’t break them telekinetically.  I can’t fly out of here.  I’m strong, but I’m not strong enough to tear down the walls of this prison.  My power is time.  I have it.  I have it all.
            This was the perfect plan.  Tearing down the status quo one institution at a time.  I’m exactly where I need to be.
            Heroes.  Married to the idea of keeping the world safe while locking away dangerous individuals like me.  What none of them realize is, after they are all dead, I will still be around, still breaking down the establishment.  I’ll rip their effigies from their final resting places.  I’ll take their corpses and play marionette games through the cities – in about 50 years give or take, sooner if I have my way.
            That’s a lie.  I’ve already got my plan in place.  My slave is already on his way to free me.  He does well for a 12 year old boy.  I’ve given him all the tools he needs to defeat the heroes in my way, eventually.
            “I love you, father.”  He said as his prepubescent fingers touched mine just before the SWAT team burst into our lair.  We’re going to have to get a new lair.
            My last words in return were not, “I love you too” or “Kill them all”.  It was “I am not your father, I am your master.”
            I’m being delivered to general population in a super max for super villains.  One of the higher bureaucrats or another expects the hardened criminals to eat me alive.  I’m not exactly a friend to the villains of the world either.  They are perpetuating the same asinine cycle of keeping the world safe by being the focus of the news stories that everyone devours about “heroes” and “villains”.
            It’s a goddamn circus.  The villains get special treatment in prison, at least by the prisoners.  They are respected from day one.  Not me.  I’ve probably put just as many villains in prison for being stupid enough to get caught as any hero has being “heroic”.  It’s not much different anyway.
            I guess I should elaborate.  Over 1 in 100 persons are in prison or jail.  That’s just the ones you know about. What you don’t feel is the energy put forth to enslave you to debt, to earning a living, to materialism, to pop culture mental cluttering, paying your taxes to a government to perpetuate the cycle of stupidity, malaise, religious hatred, misogyny, persecution of those who love someone of the same gender or a different race.

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