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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Temple Renovations

There bible verse which says that the body is the temple of the holy spirit. If by holy spirit you mean, my body is the thing I use to make orgasms happen, then absolutely holy. :)

At any rate, this is the only one I have until I can get some replacement parts (calling Dr Frankenstein).

My top priority issue is what appears to be carpal tunnel's less successful cousin. I say this because it isn't severe enough for me to get an operation to fix the problem. I realize it isn't as severe as some people I've seen, but well, I've lost a lot of range of motion... here let me show you.

A real person's wrist can bends like this.

Here's my left wrist.

My right wrist does a little better.

This is why I take the anti-inflammatories, because I'm trying to alleviate the pain and lack of mobility associated with this issue. This is also why I'm exercising at work because I'm trying to build my body up so it doesn't happen anymore with any other part of my body.  I haven't lost range of motion, but my left ankle constantly pops, especially when I stretch.  My shoulders have felt like they are falling out for the past 6 months.  My elbows pop whenever I try to do pushups.  Thank the gods for yoga because I don't have to move to exercise my body.

I'm actually thinking of starting to do some light yoga at work instead of my bicep curls etc.  I don't care if I look stupid doing it, I just don't want to do a plank on the concrete out in the parking lot.  *shrug* I'll figure it out.

I don't want this to be an entirely complain-y entry so let me show you something I'm proud of.  Remember when I said my leg game was on point?  Here is a picture of my calf.  It's a bad picture, but seriously, hard as a friggin rock dude.  Feel that shit! :)

Thanks for reading!
*Note* Originally posted on the now defunct 03/23/16

Azriel Johnson is an inkspatter analyst and a serial writer by night. He runs a small, not money losing publishing press and a weekly open mic with monthly features called Writing Knights Press and Writing Knights: Stark.

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