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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Anonymous Avenges

I am a supporter of what the organization known as Anonymous is trying to prove. They want to show people how to take back their lives from oppression. Oppression certainly is everywhere. This is especially true in the case of Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz. Swartz killed himself likely due to the pressure being placed on him from several governmental sources.

Swartz was accused of illegally downloading millions of documents and posting them online.

I am not saying that what Swartz did was right. I'm not a supporter of plagiarism, but the free sharing of information is something I'm in support of.

I don't like the idea of fear, but if there must be fear people should not live in fear of government, government should fear the people. The government is here to help us, not clean us out financially, mentally, emotionally, and that is what happened to Aaron Swartz. I hope Anonymous keeps doing what they are doing. I hope other people start taking notice. I hope the world can come to some sort of balance again, in my lifetime.

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